Episode 180: What Have You Learned From Games You Didn’t Enjoy?

Hosts: Joe, Megan, Scott, Todd

Recently, Joe and Megan played Burning Wheel and didn’t enjoy it very much. We thought this might be a nice opportunity to take a look at what we’ve learned from playing games we didn’t have a good time with. This can be about ourselves as gamers, about game design, and about the social interaction surrounding gaming.

A very important note: we say this in the episode but we want to make sure we highlight it. We are NOT, repeat NOT, saying that these games are bad, and we are even less saying that YOU are bad if you like the games we didn’t enjoy. We recognize that different people want different things out of gaming and that, therefore, our experiences of these games represent just that: our own experiences. As such, don’t think that we’re saying YOU shouldn’t play these games, like these games, etc. They are games that don’t do what WE want games to do.


3:25- what’d we play
19:40- topic start
1:10:50- Rants (or, in this case, anti-rants to bring the positivity up)
-Megan: Plugging stuff again! Glitter Guild at C2E2 in April! Thirfty Thrills! Donate to it!
-Scott: going to visit my wife and hoping to game in China.
-Joe: I missed Todd. I mean, who WOULDN’T?
-Todd: My cats love me.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 180: What Have You Learned From Games You Didn’t Enjoy?

  1. I really hope that a Burning Wheel ap is in the pipeline, because you’re all reporting an inordinately high rate of failure, and while I can’t be sure without more specific information about everyone’s beliefs and artha rewards it sounds like something has gone terribly wrong somewhere.

  2. Not to nitpick, but in BW, you should only be rolling dice when the outcome matters. Maybe try a game with a different gm?

  3. In regards to Burning Wheel, It sounds like way too high Obstacles set by the GM. It also sounds like the GM was asking for test at improper times (ignoring the “say yes” rule), and multiples of the same test, ignoring the “let it ride” rule.

    The “Tie your shoelace” rant really sounds like the GM didn’t just say “sure you do it” to inconsequential stuff. You only roll when failure means significant consequence.

  4. I’ve been using Vassal for a long time. It’s very simple to use and an excellent tool. It doesn’t automate anything – it’s just like having a digital version of the pieces in the game.

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