One thought on “Actual Play: Our Last Best Hope, Part II

  1. Our Last Best Hope is probably one of my favourite GMless games that I bought and played last year. It does take a bit of getting used to in terms of the mechanics, but it is a lot of fun once you get going. In our first game (like you guys we used the Space playset) we went through the list of suggested crises, got to ‘The Moon is hatching’ and everyone was like, “Right, we’re stopping there, that’s the one!”

    We’ve played it about two or three more times at GUGS since then, and I think I was the first person to die in every single game I’ve played in. Interestingly though, we managed to thwart the crisis in each of our sessions, even if we did all die in the process. To be honest, though, that might be because we were using a house rule – which was used in a couple of APs run by the game’s designer – where players had the option of donating story points they had earned to the general pool (but only at the time they were awarded). That may have tipped the odds in our favour somewhat. ^_^;

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