Episode 178: Holiday Mini Topic Roundup!

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd

Happy new year, all!

In this cast, we do a round-up of holiday themed topics, including:
-What’d we play over the holidays! (Thrills! Excitement!)
-What are good games to play with your non-gamey friend and family during the holidays! (Gasp! Holidayriffic!)
-What are our new years gaming resolutions! (Resolutiontastic!)

We talk about a lot of games, mostly board games, including Dixit, Firefly, the Pathfinder Card Game, Durance, Lords of Waterdeep, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Dual at Mt. Skullzfyre, Red Dragon Inn, a bunch of video games, and many more.


6:00- What’d we play?
31:15- Games to play with your non-gamey friends and family at the holidays.
53:15- Gaming New Years Resolutions!
58:55- Rants!
-Megan: In 2014, your video game character should not get stuck.
-Scott: Work is less fun after a break, I’m hibernating.
-Todd: I went to sleep early on new years eve. Also: baby coming.

Finally: everyone picture Reek playing the didgeridoo. Because Reek playing the didgeridoo.

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