Episode 177: Capturing a Particular Mood or Feeling With Mechanics

Hosts: Megan, Nathan, Todd, and Scott (for the first 10 minutes)

In this episode, we break down how some cool games capture a particular mood or feeling with their mechanics. Traditionally, when a game wanted you to play in licensed world X or in genre Y, it often did that by saying “This is the X game” or “This is a game of Y fiction.” The mechanics, however, didn’t always reflect this- it was left up to the players to push the mood, feeling, and theme of those genres or products. Many games, however, have done a nice job of capturing mood and feeling right in their mechanics. We explore this with special guest Nathan Paoletta, game designer!


8:42- What Have We Played?
Megan- Burning Wheel
Scott- Pathfinder Card Game
Nathan- Homebrew Alternate History Game, Android: Netrunner.
Todd- Community Radio

19:31- Topic- Mood and feeling via mechanics.

55:50- Rants
Megan- RomComs, get off my lawn!/Ron Edwards: Dungeonmaster?
Todd- Check out !
Nathan- Check out my friend’s cool projects!

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