Actual Play: Kagematsu Part II

Players: Joe, Megan, Timo, Todd

As promised, here is the second half of our Kagematsu game. At about 1:29:40, we conclude the game and spend fifteen minutes reviewing and discussing it, as well as talking about the idea that mechanics can simulate or push a social/political concept or situation (we bring up Steal Away Jordan and Dog Eat Dog as other games that demonstrate this). Spoiler alert: we really like Kagematsu.

Also- as with last week, the sound is still a little less than idea because of the heat, AC, etc. Sorry. We promise it won’t happen again unless the earth is hot at some point in the future.

One thought on “Actual Play: Kagematsu Part II

  1. I think that this game really fills out a lot of people’s desire fore roleplaying absent simulationist mechanics.

    Furthermore I love the gender dynamic that it brings out.

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