Episode 170: Scumbaggery

Hosts: Megan, Rob, Scott, Timo, Todd

12:29- What’d we play

27:52- Topic: playing scumbags! How do you play a scummy person? What’s the line between being compelling and just being an idiot? What makes one scumbag a lovable rogue and another a hateable jerk? Slight trigger warning: we talk about scummy characters we’ve played so we delve a little bit into some of the mean stuff they’ve done in-game. It never gets graphic, but if hearing us talk about vile people isn’t your thing, listen with caution.

1:29:50- Rants
Rob- 80s songs in my head!
Scott- 18 pig legs.
Todd- Deconstructing “don’t be a dick”.
Megan- My Galactus costume.
Timo- Fringe reboots itself!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 170: Scumbaggery

  1. 1) Wow. The idea of playing an antagonist for another player’s protagonist kind of blew my mind. Somehow I have never thought of it this way. Actually, the idea that one of the players is the game/story’s protagonist alone was something I’d never considered. (Probably all the D&D-don’t-split-the-party upbringing.) This could possibly be a topic on its own.

    2) My anti-ear worm song of choice is the theme to Fraggle Rock. Works every time, plus it puts me in a good mood.

    3) If you see someone being a dick and don’t call them out on it, you’re kind of being a dick by proxy. If everyone followed that line of reasoning, there would be no more dickish behavior from dicks that don’t know they’re being dickish. (Annnnnd that’s the most uses of “dick” in two sentences I’ve written since perhaps college.)

  2. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials, Scott!

    Also, the phrase, “dick is always context dependent” when taken out of context, is kind of hilarious at least in my degenerate brain.

  3. Hey – guy here who created the Fury, the Mummy, and the Beast. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying hearing about your experience with them in play!

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