Episode 169- Time in Game

Hosts: Megan, Timo, Todd

There’s a lot of banter this week on:

12:22- What’d we play?

24:30- Time in games- how do we convey the passage of time in games? What advantages are there in skipping around in time versus doing things moment to moment? How do mechanics affect the flow of time? Is the Jank Cast a giant waste of your time? All these questions will be answered!

1:16:07- Rants
-Timo- My cat pees EVERYWHERE
-Todd- A funny story about Denver…

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5 thoughts on “Episode 169- Time in Game

  1. State of Decay for XBox or PC does the missions timing out thing. Check it out.

  2. You guys mentioned Burning Wheel in the discussion of timing, as well as some game (I forget which) that makes a mechanical distinction between minor, generally non-lethal fights, and more serious, lethal fights, with the later having more in depth mechanics. I thought I should mention that Burning Wheel has a similar distinction, between the Bloody Versus mechanic, and the more in depth (and also more lethal) Fight! subsystem.

    Also, a while back I wrote up a short “Burning Newbie Advice Document” for my own players, which is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LPxsW_vNk8srYeC_9019D35xOYxCaURiKNb-rgoNwlc/edit. If you’re considering playing BW in the future, this might be useful to you.

  3. You mentioned time not mattering in games like Fallout, which I think is funny because Fallout 1 made a big deal out of time. From the beginning of the game, you have 150 days until the vault runs out of drinking water, and there is a post-it note on your pip-boy that counts down the days until that happens. It’s always on your mind how much time you have. Resting to heal from damage takes time. Traveling takes time, and all the while the clock is ticking until the vault finally runs out of water. It did a great job of creating tension.

  4. I can’t wait for the Burning Wheel AP! Partly because I love Burning Wheel, but mostly because I’m curious to see what happens when Megan fails a sorcery roll. I imagine it’ll be something like this.

    Timo: Ok that’s ob three doubled because you’re learning the spell, so you need six successes on five dice, but sorcery is always open ended so roll’em

    *sound of dice being rolled*

    Megan: That’s one success, but it’s a six so I’ll reroll-

    *sound of dice being rolled*

    Megan: -and that’s one success, so everyone’s hearts are filled with sarrow. 😀

    Timo: Oh no, that’s not how this game works. There’s a table for failed sorcery rolls. Roll your failure.

    *sound of dice being rolled*

    Timo: OK, so here’s what happens. Everyone’s hearts are filled with- You are always on fire, and the fire won’t go out, and you are always in pain, and you can’t die, except from old age, and you are going to live fifty ears longer.

    *A very audible stunned silence. I don’t know, like maybe the sound of Megan’s jaw hitting the floor or something like that.*

    Timo: You gain the Revolting trait! 😀

  5. Wow, a lot to respond to here:

    First off, Tymen- I will!

    Taelor- Thanks. We will check that out. That seems quite useful.

    Seanovan- You’re totally right. I had forgotten about that. That was actually something I liked about that game because it did make your actions feel weighty. “Should I go check out that tow? Nah, it’ll probably take 10 days and I just don’t have that time.”

    Uemei- Nice. Very nice. You have Timo down.

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