Episode 167- (Un)Healthy Gaming Relationships w/ Larry from Emergent Play

Hosts: Larry, Megan, Todd

In this episode, Larry from the Emergent Play video series guest hosts. If you haven’t checked out Emergent Play yet, go do that right now. We’ll wait.

What’s in the episode:
5:51- We introduce Larry and talk to him about his video series.

29:50- What’d we play?
-Larry: Apocalypse World, that one anime game.
-Megan: Durance, Kagamatsu
-Todd: Kagamatsu, Settlers of Catan

46:38- Topic: As per Larry’s request, we discuss whether or not gaming relationships are healthy, given the prevalence of people saying that their at-the-table relationships need to be fixed.

1:35:01- Rants:
-Megan- I’m a groupie now.
-Todd- Chicago drivers. What’s the deal?
-Larry- Why do people who game differently not see eye to eye?

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