Episode 165: Why Play Anything Else?

Hosts: Scott, Timo, Todd

First off, we forgot to mention this on the episode, but help save save podcasting and fight a patent troll by going here: EFF.

Anyhoo, here’s the info for the episode:

8:45- What did we play
30:28- Topic: Why play anything else? When you have a favorite game (for example, Apocalypse World for Timo and Todd), why play anything else? We explore what you get by playing a diverse array of games, as well as detour into questions on what, exactly, a particular system “is.”
1:15:57- Another detour into talking about playing in established worlds/with established characters.
1:20:20- Rants:
-Scott: Why do checks still exist?
-Todd: The last 1/10th of what you own takes the longest to pack when you move.
-Timo: Things are rough and life is on hold, which is no fun.

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