Interview with Steve Townshend

An interview with Steve Townshend
RPG Meetup Chicago set up this event, special thanks to Nate

Here is a list of questions that Steve was asked:
1. Tell us about your history in playing D&D.
2. Tell us about your writing background.
3. How do you bring your writing style into your campaign?
4. What current projects have you been contracted for and what have you published in the past?
5. How did submissions to Dungeon and Dragon magazines work in the ’90’s?
6. Tell us about writing for D&D Insider.
7. How did you first get involved in writing for WOTC?
8. What books are you working on for 2010?
9. What could we learn from the 3rd DMG for 4e that we couldn’t learn from the 2 DMG’s in 3.5?
10. Kevin says that DMG’s arent’ worth buying since 1st Ed, then Steve continues the discussion about the DMG3 and other books he’s working on for 2010.
11. How do you get your assignments?
12. 3.5 or 4e, which do you prefer?
13. How long does it take to write a book?
14. Do know about any future projects?
15. if you were an RPG (other than D&D) what would you be?
16. With all the books published for 4e, we aren’t getting the fluff for Forgotten Realms. Where is it?

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