Episode 158: Last Sessions

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd, Timo

Important links: During the rants section Megan mentions the terrible death of one of her burlesque peers. A website has been set up to allow people to either provide information about the incident, or to help donate towards a reward for the capture and prosecution of the perpetrator(s). Please do what you can.

Also this upcoming weekend is our Jank on Demand for March. Let us know ahead of time if you’re likely to be running something.

What’d we play? (11:32)

Topic: Last Sessions (24:45)
We had a listener ask

us to talk about the way last sessions play out in-game. The conversation moves to talking about the general flow of stories through play, the inevitability of certain events, and the way that shared control of the story means flying somewhat blind in to fun.

Rants (1:15:27)
Timo: Finally finished the host transfer
Scott: Back to China, once again
Todd: Pedestrians seem to be just asking for it today.
Megan: Please consider donating to Fight for Foxy.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 158: Last Sessions

  1. So… you take a piece of metal on the end of a stick, bring it down with force, and a log breaks apart. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? It’s much like smashing things with a sledgehammer… same process, except you get warmth later.

  2. I’m scared to start The Vikings, because I am specializing in early Scandavian history for my masters and if it is not accurate enough I will cry a single manly tear.

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