Actual Play 10: Apocalypse World II, Black Diamond Session 3

Players: Joe, Megan, Timo, Todd, Tom

The third session in our ongoing Black Diamond AW campaign. Things get crazy. And by crazy, we mean Tootles shows up.

Speaking of, IMPORTANT NOTE! We get a few names from the Leviathan campaign wrong in here, so if you catch that, rest assured that we

do our best to fix it by the next session as well as roll with the weird alternate reality we’ve come up with. Timo actually saves

our poor memory super well and turns it into a cool little emergent thing.


3 thoughts on “Actual Play 10: Apocalypse World II, Black Diamond Session 3

  1. The only thing I can complain about is sometimes when Timo does this whisper thing he gets really quiet and it’s hard to hear him.

  2. …Thanks? I think? erm?

    Yeah, I noticed that came through very whispery. But then again, at the time I was whispering directly to the player in a “this is another voice inside your head” sort of way, so I felt that was about right.

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