Actual Play 10: Apocalypse World II- Black Diamond Session 1

Players: Joe, Megan, Timo, Todd, Tom

As promised, here is the first session of our new Apocalypse World campaign. This campaign picks up where our last AW campaign, the story of the Leviathan, left off, but ten years or so later. The characters are:

Megan is playing Goldie, the same character she played last time. Goldie was a teenage Chopper last time who led a gang of kids who flew gliders on raids. Now she’s the hardholder of a village called Black Diamond built into an old ski lodge.

Todd, who was the MC last time, is playing Foster, the former Captain of the Leviathan, now a battlebabe raider for Goldie’s holding. She also now has a 9 year old son named Levi.

Joe, who played Rose last time, is playing Lennox, who was one of Goldie’s gang in the last game, but ran off with Rose to join the revolution at the end. He’s now come to Black Diamond as a teenage Angel.

Finally, Tom, who is new to this game, is playing Frost, a manipulative and somewhat fascistic Skinner who entertains people

with his fiddle and by, um, sleeping with them. A lot.

Timo, who played both Tai and Bowdy in the last game, is the MC.

Also, as with much stuff we do, this is NSFW.

Enjoy, and look

for more episodes in the future.

2 thoughts on “Actual Play 10: Apocalypse World II- Black Diamond Session 1

  1. Hey guys, where do y’all get your music from? Sounds great for setting the mood.

  2. Hi there.

    It’s a playlist I’ve made, but the bulk of it comes from White Lunar by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. It’s a great album.

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