Episode 155: ZOMG! Borderlands 2!

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd

What’d We Play: 5:45
Scott- Dixit
Megan and Todd- AW
Todd- Thunderstone and Legendary
Megan- Sentinels of the Multiverse

Topic: 19:55
We geek out over Borderlands 2. We like it, and discuss what’s so fun about it as well as how it could be made into an rpg.

Rants: 48:44
Scott- Stairs are the enemy.
Megan- People do stuff. It’s magic!
Todd- Come see Ironborn

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13 thoughts on “Episode 155: ZOMG! Borderlands 2!

  1. Wow. Can’t wait till Leviathan 2! That first installment was easily my favorite AP of anything.

    Also, today I learned that Chicagoland is a place and not just the name of a gaming store.

  2. Roadblock Scene!

    I think we were all drinking during that Carcassonne game. Megan must have been drinking faster than the rest of us as I’m just as much of a lightweight as you but I didn’t get nearly as belligerent.

    I managed to get my Siren’s Cataclysm tree maxed out and now the phaselock button is the cover-everyone-in-flame-corrosion-slag-murder button. The only unfortunate thing is that my timing seems to be bad in the sense that when I’m playing is not the same time as anyone on my friends list.

    The thing I didn’t realize the first time I played the Top Gun quest is that it’s given to you by Loggins, as in Kenny Loggins.

  3. Ooh we have the official line up for Apocalypse World babies!
    Let’s compare it to my ideas:
    Pamming (Faceless)
    Foster (No longer a Captain, since she planned to step down at the end of the first game)
    Shazza (May or may not be an Angel, finally learning something 10 years later.)
    Toodles (She could be anything really)
    Rose (Goldie’s daughter she said she’d name after Rose at the end of the last game [Part 7 2hr, 9min, 40sec])

    I’ve listened to the entirety of the original campaign, at least 3 times. Probably more.
    Looking forward to it!

    (I just noticed the N in the Jank Cast Microphone Logo is upside down!)

  4. Krystal’s!! They ARE so much better than White Castle (something in the bun, maybe), but beggars can’t be choosers. I’ve made a 4 hour trek to Bowling Green, KY just for Krystal’s before.

    And Borderlands 2 rocks!

  5. Yeah, I could use to get in on some sweet, sweet multiplayer action soon. I don’t get as much done by myself.

  6. I am still working on my Commando, but I keep getting distracted and playing other characters. Also, get the DLC when you can, some of the NPCs you run into are awesome. In Capt. Scarlet’s Booty the first guy to give you quests is a big Hunter S. Thompson joke, and in Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage you get more Tiny Tina goodness.

    Also, I cannot wait for the second Leviathan APs, I am going to have to go back and listen to the first set again!

  7. Keith: A four hour drive for Krystal is totally worth it.

    Clyde, Reek and I play on the 360. We’re having trouble with Pyro Pete, and would like some help.

  8. Sweet. I’d love to help, Southern Guy. I’ve got a Level 50 Axton, or are you doing it at an earlier level? Sometime this weekend? I’m “Clyde Three” on most gaming things, including the boxes of 360.

  9. I wish Deb and I could come to your gig Todd, but our best babysitter found a boyfriend, then she discovered Borderlands 2. And she was never heard from again…

  10. Clyde, I’m JediMastrElvis on the Xbox. Reek and I usually play together during the week due to his fabulous weekend social life.

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