Actual Play 9: Bacchanal

Players: Joe, Megan, Timo

In lieu of an episode this week, we bring you an AP of the game Bacchanal!


note that this game is specifically about sex. If that’s the sort of thing that would bother you, you might want to skip this one.

After the AP, there is a review/discussion of the game that starts at 1:51:32.

One thought on “Actual Play 9: Bacchanal

  1. Hi JankCaster’s
    I’m earing to your podcast but it looks like you took a mistake with the name of the game.
    It looks (or “ears”) you’re playing Bacchanalia, a different game, written by Paul Czege and Michele Gelli.
    Here’s the site of the game

    Am I right?

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