Episode 151: 2012 in Review & 2013 Gaming Resolutions

Hosts: Megan, Rob, Todd

This is a rather chatty episode in which we close out 2012 by talking about our good gaming memories of the year, as well as think about what we’d like to do in 2013. Along the way, we also talk about a bunch of games, including the excellent Walking Dead videogame by Telltale, Mass Effect 3 and the controversy over its ending (no spoilers- promise!), Heavy Rain, the Marvel Deck Building Game Legendary, Thunderstone, Pandemic, Elder Sign,

Mage Wars, Quarriors, Fiasco, Umlaut, Vesna Thaw, Annelise, Apocalypse World, Dogs in the Vineyard, Monster of the Week, My Life With Master, Monsterhearts, Bacchanal, Burning Wheel, Polaris, and more. Whew.

Also… Complete.

Happy new year, everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 151: 2012 in Review & 2013 Gaming Resolutions

  1. Which game am I eager to play ?
    One named The Sword, The Crown, the Unspeakable Power 🙂
    But I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic sea!

  2. I’m super excited for Time Cellist. I actually came one month too late to JoD to play test it. However, I did find out that a bus runs from Oklahoma City to Chicago for only 30 bucks. So my New Years Resolution is to go to JoD at least a couple times in 2013.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Brian- we’d love to have you back!
    Volsung- send us an email at feedback@jankcast.com if you want a pdf playtest version of SCUP. We’d be happy to send what we have your way.

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