Actual Play: Monster of the Week, the Conclusion!

Players: Joe, Megan, Scott,

Timo, Todd, Tom

This is the second and final session of our Monster of the Week two shot. The first one can be listened to here. We’re playing a ragtag group of monster hunters out to hunt a giant spider. We enjoyed this game a great deal. It’s nice, fun, frenetic kind of stuff.

Here’s the time stamps for various parts of the episode:

0:00- Last time on… MONSTER OF THE WEEK!
6:18- Beginning of Session Moves
9:09- Session Start
2:22:15- Session end/Short discussion of game begins

Also, listener Graeme, who designed the Please Birds design on our shirts and the top of the website, created a “Burial Grounds Coffee” design after listening to the first episode. This was the morbid coffee shop where our intrepid heroes hang out. You can get things with the design on our Cafe Press store. Come on. You know you want a Burial Grounds Coffee mug. That’s just too cool not

to get.

It took me long enough to get it up on the site, huh? Sorry about that. Either way, this is probably our last release before the holidays, so if we don’t get to talk at you again before the new year, happy holidays to all and we’ll catch you in 2013, gamer friends!

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