Episode 150: My Life with Master

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Timo, Joe

What did we play? (14:35)
My Life With Master: Timo, Todd, Megan, Joe
Descent 2, Ascension: Immortal Heroes: Todd
How We Came to Live Here: Joe

Main Topic: My Life with Master (21:30)
We just recently finished playing the game My Life with Master and spend some time talking about it as a great example of a game designed for the “play to find out what

happens” ethos. We talk about some of the content of the game, which includes brutality and sexual violence.

Rants (1:09:40)
Megan: Jingle Belles! Come see the boobs of Christmas!
Joe: A FEMA inspired Christmas lull. Le sigh.
Timo: Borderlands 2 is dangerous to my health
Todd: The drummer’s little boy has turned it ON, bat-wise.

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