Episode 149: Not Preplanning

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Timo, Scott

What did we play? (10:58)
My Life With Master: Timo, Todd, Megan
Durance: Scott, Megan
Marvel Heroic: Scott
Quarriors, Telestrations: Eat poop you cat, Cards Against Humanity, Ascension: Immortal Heroes

Main Topic: No Prep Gaming (30.45)
We’re going to take a few

episodes to really dig in to the idea of “playing to find out what happens.” To start off,we’re talking about not preplanning the game, whether as a player or as a GM.

Rants (1:12:06)
Todd: Terry Cavanaugh IOS games are boss.
Scott: In the past 24 hours, I’ve played 3 games of x-wing miniatures. I may be slightly addicted.
Timo: Craps! Noooo!!
Megan: Game of Thrones is a travelogue for sex addicts.

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One thought on “Episode 149: Not Preplanning

  1. I remember some of the crazy situation that came up in Dungeons and Dragons: Extended when I tried to encourage the PCs to do whatever the characters wanted to do. Sometimes it was crazy and awesome, sometimes it was…anticlimactic. I think as long as you communicate with the players that you’re not planning it goes all right, even with a crunchy system.

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