Episode 148: Bleed

Hosts: Megan, Timo, Scott

What did we play? (5:38)
My Life with Master: Timo, Megan
D&D Encounters, Magic the Gathering: Megan
Borderlands 2: Scott, Timo
Bull in the China Shop: Scott

Main Topic: Bleed (18:09)
Bleed is a term used to describe when your emotions intermingle with those of your character: When your emotions are affected by the emotions and situation of your character, or when your personal emotions affect those of the character. There are both positives and negatives to this phenomenon that can both interfere with and enhance the experience of play.

NOTE: this episode was severely delayed, so the pimping of the November 2012 Jank on Demand was posted a day after the event. For which, we point all blame on Timo.

Rants (1:05:34)
Scott: I’m spread too thin
Megan: damnable couch!!!
Timo: Time is my enemy

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2 thoughts on “Episode 148: Bleed

  1. On the subject of Dwarf sex, Terry Pratchett sets up in the Discworld novels that Dwarfs do in fact have sex, but they have a hard time telling which gender is which. This leads to courtship being the most challenging part of Dwarf reproduction.

    Also, the Dwarf deck is totally rad. It’s just had some bad match-ups lately.

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