Migration (mostly) finished!

Hey guys! This is Timo, just want to give everyone the latest heads up.

It’s taking the better part of a week to get the migration completed, in more than a little part due to the fact that I have never migrated a server before. We’re mostly done now: It’s taking a while to transfer over all the mp3’s for the old episodes, so some of the old episodes are currently unavailable (right now, that’s everything between 31-100).

Other than that, I believe everything to be in good working order, but I have not had a chance to test out the feeds for new episodes. That said, episode 148 is in the can, I’m going to try to take some time today or tomorrow to prep show notes and get it up and running. I believe that stitcher, Itunes and our RSS feeds should all update appropriately.

please let us know as soon as possible if something looks amiss! I’m a complete novice at this work, so being told where I overlook

something is much appreciated.

Either respond to this message, or email at feedback@jankcast.com would work!

Thanks for you patience with the interruption, hopefully we’ll get back to some regularity sometime soon!

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