Episode147: Hacking Apocalypse World

Hosts: Todd, Joe, Timo, Phil

What did we play? (4:20)
Swords Without MastersThe City of Coin and Fire
Space Alert
X-Wing Miniatures
How we came to Live Here
Spirit of the Century


Topic: (30.05)
In part 2, we talk about hacking Apocalypse World: What changes have resonated, which seem to miss the mark, and why.

Apocalypse World Hacks
Dungeon World
Monster of the Week
Saga of the Icelanders
The Regiment

Rants (1:35:21)
Joe: Why can’t I retire now?
Todd: Damn you windshield.
Phil: Keep making Die Hard movies.
Timo: Having a moustache hasn’t made me a different person, despite what Joe thinks.

Other Links
Dresden Files
Marvel Heroic
Legends of Anglerre
Trail of Cthulhu
McDaldno – Buried without Ceremony

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