Episode Twenty Three: point five

Episode Twenty Three: point five
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Scott, Lexx, Brandan

Contest Winners: Brandan (Pirate Killing Ninja), Mike (Pro-Champion)
Brandan made Dragon Ball Z characters for Arkham Horror.

Mike composed a wonderful ballad for the Jank Cast which will soon be our theme song.
What did we play this week? Aces and Eights, Battlestar Galatica, Battle Tech, Living Forgotten Rhealms, Star Wars, Ghost Stories, Apples to Apples

Main Topic: Dungeons and Dragons 3, 3.5 + Pathfinder
What does 3rd edition and 3.5 mean to you?

Scott: Gamer Ediquite
Lexx: Pathfinder
Brandan: Dragon Ball Kai
JOHNKELLY: Timo I miss you

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