Episode 146: What is it about Apocalypse World

Hosts: Todd, Tom, Timo, Megan

What did we play? (4:21)
The Sword, The Crown, the Unspeakable Power – Todd, Tom, Timo, Megan

Main Topic: (8:37)
There’s a lot going on with Apocalypse World in our part of the gaming world. We’re going to devote 2 episodes to the topic. In this one, we discuss what it is about the game that has made it so popular as a system and what we think it’s unique appeal is.

Rants (1:18:52)
Timo: Friendship, a thing!
Megan: Cat Hair and couch!
Todd: October 2012: Best music month ever!
Tom: I am an elitist college professor, and for good reason.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 146: What is it about Apocalypse World

  1. At around 40:00, you talk about the nature of the MC in Apocalypse World. I’ve found that the most helpful way to describe the the MC’s role is with a reality TV analogy. The MC is essentially the audience to a reality TV. His job is to enjoy the show, and every now and then, the audience gets to vote on what crap to send towards the contestant.

  2. Great cast as usual. Something I would like to hear in the follow up cast would be the things that make for a good/interesting/fun ApoWo hack. I think that by looking at what makes a hack good or bad or interesting or uninteresting you can really show why ApoWo is so great. Two the that come to mind are the ways a hack treats stats and moves.
    ApoWo has such cool stats. Cool, Hard, Hot, Weird are so evocative of the setting and don’t lend themselves to a direct translation to Intelligence, Wisodm, Charisma, etc. When I read a hack that has uninteresting stats or that just mimics ApoWo’s stats, I think the designer missed part of what makes ApoWo so great. Similarly, when a hack copies the move list or does not add new interesting moves, I also think the designers missed a great opportunity to make their game unique.
    In the end, not all hacks are equal. You can’t just roll 2d6 plus a generic stat and expect the game to be good.

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