Episode 143: Violence!

Hosts: Megan, Todd, Timo, Scott

What did we play (00:00)
Apocalypse World
Star Wars D6
Final Girl
Descent 2
Ascension: Immortal Heroes

Main Topic: Violence! (25:15)
Violence is a common part of RPG’s and other gaming. We talk about the role it has in our play, what we think it’s about and what it brings to the games we play.

Other Links:
In a Wicked Age
Cannibal Holocaust
This Film is Not Yet Rated

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4 thoughts on “Episode 143: Violence!

  1. Great cast, as always. Couple of thoughts as I was listening.

    First of all, the AW game I’m running has a Gunlugger, a Brainer (with violation glove, of course), and an Operator. It seems to be working for him so far–he really liked detail his crew. This is the first time all four of us have played though, so there’s not a lot to compare it to yet.

    ALSO, I was thinking through most of the discussion how great a part two episode would be that could focus on sex (and/or romance) in games. It was kind of creepy/satisfying (insert Brainer sex joke) when the conversation eventually went that way at the end.

    I’m especially interested because in that AW game I’m running I’m having a really hard time getting the players to use their special moves. The third game is tonight, so it’s still pretty new, but no one has shown any interest in romantic/sexual entanglements so far despite several carrots I’ve dangled (insert more Brainer sex jokes).

    Anyway, consider this my endorsement of a future episode about sex in games. Either way, keep up the good work Janks!

    PS Someone born on Tantooine should obviously be called a “Tantooinnie.” (Insert Jawa sex joke.)

  2. The special moves are just a small part of AW that gets a _lot_ of press. If they don’t come up organically (hur-hur) in play, then forcing them probably won’t work. They seldom came up in the AW campaign I played in; I think the only time was when my Driver (Drivers are awesome!) had sex with an NPC. That lead to some awesome interactions and NPC triangles for my Driver, but the rest of the players had a great time without sex as part of the fiction.

    This is also the key to making the Driver awesome. People want him and his car. It’s like a sexy trouble magnet; a big sign that says FUCK WITH ME, in multiple senses.

  3. One of the best conversations yet! Great cast and very thought provoking. I also enjoyed the comparison of North American’s acceptance of violence with their taboo of sex.

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