Episode 140: Gencon 2012 Wrapup

Hosts: Todd, Timo, Scott,


Main Topic: Gencon 2012 Wrapup (10:45)
Our annual discussion in the wake of Gencon 2012. Breaking news: It was awesome.

Rants (1:17:33)
Todd: Curse you WebMD for being right!
Joe: Go to a doctor.
Scott: Both books I’m reading are being irritating.
Timo: The problem with having a good Gencon is missing Gencon.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 140: Gencon 2012 Wrapup

  1. Clyde waved at me! *giggle*

    We need to play a supers game, just so Scott can be Southern Guy. The Finn, Big ‘Mo, Burlesqua, Shredder, Paleo and the Auslander.

  2. (Waves to Clyde!)

    Whoa. Best super hero team ever. Big ‘Mo? Burlesqua? Fantastic.

    Am I Shredder? I think I’m Shredder.

    I can always run BASH. It’s super fun.

  3. Yes, you’re Shredder, mostly because I’m not quite sure what type of metal you play. I tried to think up a good sociological one, but a cursory examination of wikipedia articles didn’t turn up anything peppy. You people need better theory names.

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