Episode 139: Westerns

Hosts: Scott, Timo, Todd

No notes because of Gencon business, but we talk about westerns, Todd’s favorite genre, and a criminally underrepresented genre. Fun is had.

Game discussed: Dust Devils, Deadlands, Dogs in the Vineyard, Serenity.

5:13 = What did we play?
23:00 = Main Topic. Westerns!
1:13:03 = Rants

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7 thoughts on “Episode 139: Westerns

  1. Another great episode. Do you have a list of good Westerns to watch? I only recently realized I might be into them when I was talking about my favorite shows and my girlfriend said something like “If you bring up one more show about cowboys I’m going to scream.” As far as movies go, I’ve only seen True Grit (remake) and The Assassination of Jesse James (both great).

    ALSO. When’s the sci-fi genre discussion already?!

  2. Thanks David! We actually did a sci-fi episode about 40 or so episodes ago and we’ve been debating about whether or not to revisit it as part of the genre series. There’s been enough interest that I might vote “yes.”

    As for Westerns, here’s a list:

    Anything by Sergio Leone. I would rank them in this order:

    1) Once Upon a Time in the West
    2) For a Few Dollars More
    3) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    4) Duck, You Sucker
    5) A Fistfull of Dollars

    As for other Italian Westerns (which, for various fan-ish reasons, I’m more versed in than American Westerns), I would say:

    A Bullet for the General
    The Great Silence
    Death Rides a Horse
    Face to Face
    The Big Gundown
    Navajo Joe
    A Cemetery Without Crosses
    Forgotten Pistollero

    and many, many more. Really, too many good ones to list. If you want a comedy that sort of deconstructs westerns, check out My Name is Nobody, or Rita of the West (starring one of my favorite singers, Rita Pavone).

    Check this page: http://www.mondo-esoterica.net/links_pages/Spaghetti_Western.html

    As for American(ish) ones, I would say:

    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
    The original 3:10 to Yuma and the remake
    The Wild Bunch
    The Magnificent Seven
    Jeremiah Johnson
    The Unforgiven (the one directed by Clint Eastwood)
    Guns for San Sebastian
    Two Mules for Sister Sara
    The Searchers (which has AWFUL racial politics, but is considered really important)

    and, once again, many, many more.

    Hope this gets you started!

    One more thing…

    Even more important than watching the movies, to me, is listening to the soundtracks by Ennio Morricone. Most of what we think of as “western,” to me, is us viscerally appreciating Morricone’s music and the music it inspired.

  3. Haven’t listened to this one yet, but hoping to soon.

    Main reason I haven’t yet is because my podcatcher isn’t picking this one up… Is there something going on with the RSS feed?

  4. I enjoyed the education on westerns. I also gave Unleash the Archers a listen and thoroughly enjoyed it. I suggest that everyone give Blind Guardian a listen. They are a german power metal band with a heavy epic-fantasy theme. They even have an entire concept album called “Nightfall on Middle Earth” that is based on the Silmarillion.

    I think the first western themed thing that ever engaged me was Deadwood. I watched that and thought, “holy shit, there is actual swearing and whoring and killing!”

  5. Oooh! I second the Blind Guardian suggestion. And can even bring it back around to westerns.

    Blind Guardian’s singer Hansi Kursch has a side project called Demons and Wizards.

    Demons and Wizards has a concept album called “Touched by the Crimson King” which is about…

    The Dark Tower series which is…

    Stephen King’s attempt to write something like Sergio Leone.


    Also, more good “Gunslinger” themed power metal:

  6. Thanks for talking about Mythender!

    Yeah, I’ve been tempted to run the Build Team from Mythbusters as a Mythending for a couple years. I suspect I would have them end Adam & Jamie, after they’ve done too many episodes and ascended into Myths themselves.

    – Ryan

  7. Ryan P… Couldn’t tell you, it looks good from our perspective. And it’s coming through on stiticher, which grabs from the RSS feed. Perhaps something odd with your pod collecter thingy?

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