Episode 138: The Modern Fantasy Genre

Hosts: Timo, Scott, Megan

What did we play (3:10)
Jank on Demand: Fiasco, Trail of Cthulhu, Burning Wheel, Dogs in the Vineyard, Inspectres, Final Girl, Tsuro
Annalise – Megan, Timo
Encounters – Megan
Kingdom Builder, Ora & Labora – Scott

Main Topic: The Modern Fantasy Genre (20:50)
Modern Fantasy brings forth two competing things, what is familiar and what is fantastical. The blending of these two things is achieved in a number of different ways and comes with some issues around believability and realism.

Rants (55:53)
Megan: The tonsils
Scott: China broke me with Eggplant
Timo: Bering Sea Gold

Other Links:
Glitter Guild
Brimstone Drawing
True Blood
Small Gods
American Gods

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4 thoughts on “Episode 138: The Modern Fantasy Genre

  1. And my dreamification of designers named Tim K is as pure and innocent as a Japense girl’s love of yaoi.

  2. I was surprised none of you quoted this during the discussion….

    Clarke’s Third law.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  3. I’m a little disappointed that Timo didn’t bring up Highlander while discussing this genre. He’s usually the go-to guy to throw in a Highlander fanboy reference here or there; maybe he was just too tired. Also, although I know there have been some attempts at Highlander RPG’s, I’ve never heard of one that’s really caught on.

    I do feel the Highlander movies and TV series belong squarely in this genre, despite the ill-fated Highlander II movie (aka the “movie that doesn’t exist” to fans) which tried to pull it into sci-fi by showing the immortals as aliens from the planet Zeist. Almost as bad as the Star Wars “midichlorian” nonsense.

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