Actual Play: The Mountain Witch, Session 2

Players: Joe, Megan, Rob, Timo, Todd

This is our second session of The Mountain Witch. We begin with a review of the last session, then go right into the game as our four ronin continue to climb Mt. Fuji to confront The Mountain Witch, each for their own reason, their dark fates slowly being drawn out.

Two things to note:

Kabuki Streetcar

You heard it here first.

10 thoughts on “Actual Play: The Mountain Witch, Session 2

  1. Loving the Mountain With AP. If you are taking requests for future AP I’d love to see something like the following:

    We talk a lot about playing the right game for the type of story you want to tell. I’d love to see that put to the test with an AP Medley. Maybe play three sessions using a different game for each session, but keeping the characters and story continuous. It would be interesting to see if the sessions were different and in what ways they are different. Here are some proposed games/genres just to get people thinking. I tried to pick games I am fairly certain you guys have played or could pick up easily.

    Supers game: 1) BASH, 2) Marvel RPG, 3) Godlike/WIld Talents
    Horror game: 1) Call of Cthulhu, 2) Trail of Cthulhu, 3) Dread
    Space opera game: 1) Lady Blackbird, 2) Bulldogs!, 3) Star Wars D6
    Sci-Fi game: 1) Remember tomorrow, 2) Missspent Youth, 3) Freemarket

    I’m sure this has been done somewhere else, but I don’t know where, and I’d like to see you guys pull it off.

    Maybe this is a crazy thought and wouldn’t work at all. Either way, the APs have been great. Keep up the great work.

  2. The AP Medley thing would be hard to do. In some ways Mechanics influence Character. Having a high “Repair Heavy Machinery” in CoC translates to Nothing in Dread. That’s an overly obvious example, but still.

    Also, I love the APs.

  3. Knowing full well that you were joking on the podcast… if I brought the tools, would people be interested in running and playing a game of dreadamame at Jank-on-Demand?

  4. Brian- That’s both what makes it interesting (you could see exactly how system affects character) but also challenging (like you said: how do you actually DO some of this stuff?). I’d love to get more feedback on the idea.

    Andrew: I think we have a pretty full docket of games for the next JoD but grab us and we’ll talk Dreadamame. I’m dead serious.

  5. I think it would be easier to play the three games as parallel realties, rather than trying to have a continuing narrative through them. So start with the same setting, characters, module, whatever, and re-stat from the ground up in a way appropriate to the game. This way you cut down on trying to manage one to one correspondences that don’t really exist.

    Coming up with a trio of games that could all be plausible one-shots would be challenging. I’d want to limit it to one-shots, because I wouldn’t want to spend more than three sessions on the experiment. It’d be nice to find a set some or all of us already knew, so we could focus on the play rather than the learning.

  6. Todd – One idea would be to do a kind of In a Wicked Age type thing. I listened to the AP after posting that comment, and I was wondering how it would work if you used an element like Meagan’s character in the IaWA AP. Something like 3 Cthulhu One shots (One Cthulhu 1920, then move to Delta Green, then CthulhuTech) and see how it works. Also, I just really want to play CthulhuTech, that setting is too ridiculous to not be awesome.

  7. I’m with Joe about the parrallel reality thing.

    Playing multiple game systems is really, in my mind, a “how do different systems make games different?” A thought that Megan and I mulled over:

    The Mountain Witch
    Legend of the 5 Rings

    the Mountain Witch and Kagematsu have a similar starting point (village being menaced by a threat which the village as is cannot respond to) but go very different routes, because they explore very different things. Creating a L5R adventure along those lines shouldn’t be too hard.

  8. I would replace TMW or Kagematsu with something really loose, like Fiasco, to both run the crunch gamut and keep the themes consistent.

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