Episode 130: Forge Midwest Recap

Hosts: Joe, Megan, Todd

We went to The Forge Midwest and played a bunch of games. We discuss them.

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Main topic (11:22):

Forge Midwest Recap
At the Forge Midwest, we played Inspectres, Lady Blackbird, Lords of Waterdeep, House of Cards, Monsterhearts, Final Girl, Psi*Run, Fiasco, and The Sword, The Crown, and the

Unspeakable Power. We give a rundown and these games, and talk about the con in general (spoiler: we had fun).

Rants (1:22:30):
Megan: Don’t Cheat at Games.
Joe: G+ has been killin’ it.
Todd: My apartment made me leave Forge Midwest Early.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 130: Forge Midwest Recap

  1. As someone with a God’s honest phobia of fish, you’re right- I probably should have included that.

  2. You know, you laugh, but Tim and I talked about the Mountain Witch for most of the ride back. But! It was his idea, not mine, so it wasn’t me forcing my views on him.

    See if I give any of you a ride anywhere ever again. Rashum Frashum.

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