Interview: Geek Girls Burlesque from Gorilla Tango Theatre!

We were at Forge Midwest this last weekend (more on that next week) so we didn’t record a regular episode, but we’ve got something even better for you: Megan does an interview with the ladies of Geek Girls Burlesque from Gorilla Tango Theatre, including Ms. Pixy, Stella Cheeks, Sadie Hotkins, Marie Curiosity, and Hot Tawdry!

This would also be a good time to mention the Glitter Guild’s benefit show to get them back to perform at

Gencon on May 26. Check it out!

Enjoy the interview!

2 thoughts on “Interview: Geek Girls Burlesque from Gorilla Tango Theatre!

  1. I should also mention that members of Gorilla Tango Burlesque will be our special guests at the Glitter Guild fundraiser show on the 26th as well. I believe we will have tidbits of the Boobs of Khan and Fellowship of the Boobs shows in the house that night.

  2. Absolutely more like this!!!
    Sorry guys… Megan, this is the best podcast, that I’ve heard, form the Jank Cast.

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