Episode 128: Intrigue

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd, Timo

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What did we play(6:25)
Todd and Megan went to Walking Eye Con: Dread, Misspent Youth,
Apocalypse World, Psi*Run, Dungeon World
The Mountain Witch: Todd, Megan, Timo
Lords of Waterdeep: Scott

Main topic: Intrigue (23:23)
Bringing intrigue in to a game can be tough: as a medium,

gaming rewards straightforwardness more than anything else. We talk about the nature of intrigue, and how it applies and is applied.

Rants (01:08:45)
Timo: They Became Flesh. Angels. They’re super.
Megan: Cinco de Megan, and The Glitter Guild fundraiser
Scott: Our system give money to some, and keeps it from everyone else.
Todd: Norsky Nook pie is super.

Finally: Support Timo and Gina as they walk for mental health services.

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Theory from the Closet
Yellow Menace
Kyle Bice Book of Dwarves
Game of Thrones
Dresden Files
Czege Principle
Mansions of Madness
Legend of the Five Rings

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