Episode 20: GenCon Wooooooooo

Episode 20: GenCon Wooooooooo
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Scott, Lexx

We reached 20 Episdoes! We didn’t mention this in the episode!

Both the Arkham Fanboy character contest and the Jank Cast Lyrics contest will end on August 30th at midnight. Send entrys to contests@jankcast.com

Chicagoland Games, V3 Gaming Convention and Spooky Outhouse are mentioned in the Fan section of KODT #153. Check it out!

Main Topic: GenCon

We got recognized!

Black Cadillics

JP is a dude.

Open auditions for The Jank Cast Gamer Girl!

The Walking Eye where Kevin talks when he’s not drunk

JP is still a dude!

To the Trap Cast: We’ll trade JOHNKELLY for a 3rd Round Draft Pick and a bucket of baseballs


Lexx: GenCon Bathroom
Scott: Addiction
JOHNKELLY: Butter is not funny!

Dylan is dead.

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