Episode 127: Emergent Play

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd, Timo

Important Links:
Walking Eye Con

What did we play(10:35)
Enworld Chicago! Misspent Youth, Dread, Lacuna Coil: Megan, Scott, Todd
Psi*Run: Megan, Scott, Todd, Timo

Main topic: Emergent Play (24:45)
On the cast we talk a lot about how detail about the characters, the world or the theme come out during play, what is called emergence. We take this episode to talk directly about that aspect of gaming.

Rants (1:13:25)
Todd: The hellishness of St Patrick’s day in Chicago
Timo: Wish I had gotten in on the Mobile Frame Zero Kickstarter earlier… Le sigh.
Megan: Subtle sexism makes me angry
Scott: I want to nap on my new couch and these damn people are in my living room.

Other Links
Long form Improv
The Harold
Apocalypse World
Burning Wheel
The Pool
Night’s Black Agents

Mars Colony
The Mountain Witch

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5 thoughts on “Episode 127: Emergent Play

  1. I’m only a horrible Jenga player if you’re looking at it from the perspective of someone that wants it to remain standing. šŸ˜‰ My only regret is that Cara wasn’t there to see it fall; she would have been delighted.

  2. I’m only 11 minutes in, but I feel compelled to say: you’re all very, very pretty. Not as pretty as me, but still.

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