Episode 126: Ensemble Casts

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd, Timo

Important Links:
Chicago Game Day
Walking Eye Con

What did we play(8:29)
4th Ed D&D: Megan
Apocalypse world hack – Todd
Lady Blackbird – Scott
In a Wicked Age – Todd, Megan, Timo

Main topic: Ensemble Casts (18:45)
When gamers sit down around a table with a bunch of characters and start playing the game, the stories that come out of it can take a variety of different paths. With this in mind, we delve in to the nature of the ensemble cast, and what it means at the table: what characteristics and aspects come out, how do the character stories develop, and how different games handle different types of inter-PC relationships.

Rants (1:14:00)
Timo: I’m done with the Zombie Apocalypse
Megan: Don’t choose me last for kickball, people.
Scott: My job does not want me to date the walking eye
Todd: You actually don’t have to call it baserape. Seriously. Quit it.


At the Table Games
Clone Wars Shorts
Buffy – Xander Episode
Battlestar Galactica
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
The Breakfast Club
The Walking Eye
Topher Grace’s Star Wars

Game Of Thrones TV Show
Misspent Youth
Shock: Social Science Fiction
Primetime Adventures

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4 thoughts on “Episode 126: Ensemble Casts

  1. Off topic, but since you asked about the “story game” series I’m running in Blacksburg, VA…

    TL;DR warning!

    First off, I realize not all these games are strictly “story” games, but they’re all non-traditional, which is what I wanted to expose people to.

    We started with Lady Blackbird. I actually ran it twice because we had too many people show up the first day (!) I’d never run or played it before and only listened to one AP, but the thing everyone says – that it is completely different every time – is totally true. The first game was a bunch of action trying to escape from the Hand of Sorrow; the crew split in two, with Snargle and the women, in the Owl, rescuing the rest of the team from the bridge of the Hand of Sorrow by smashing the windows and airlifting them out. The second game started in Haven and was them trying to get the ship fixed and take off for Nightport and the Remnants – in that one, there was no Snargle and Lady Blackbird was an insufferable, snooty jerk; just as they were taking off (under fire from Imperial troops) she learned the “Fly” spell and jetted off without them.

    The next game was Fiasco, with the Old West theme, and fun was had by all. I didn’t play because I was anticipating a second game starting later that evening with different players, but the people who were going to play had other engagements and I never got to participate (I really want to play a game of Fiasco). The game ended with two of the players going on an impromptu killing spree after a robbery plan to steal back some stolen money went awry (one shot the sheriff; the other shot the deputy for good measure).

    After that, we pulled out Don’t Rest Your Head, which was epic, though it required me to step it up to pull it off convincingly in one session. The players were really good at giving me flags and suggestions for where they wanted their characters to end up, and I think I managed to hit them all. And there were a few scenes I cooked up that made the players actually gasp! Three of them survived, though one would have been better of if she hadn’t 🙂

    I was going to run On Mighty Thews this last week but it was Spring Break and a couple of students who said they’d be around didn’t show. I want to play so badly that I’m bumping off one of the games I had scheduled – the rest of the spring is going to go Dread – Badass – On Mighty Thews – Mist-Robed Gate, then I’ll be running an Apocalypse World campaign this summer.

    The web page is here, if any readers happen to be in southwest VA and want to swing by.

  2. Thanks for the update. I’m going to put that link on our facebook page to see if we can generate any interest for you!

  3. Which reminds me I need to be on more social media. Or be active on more social media. Or something. If I were to get a Google+, what groups do you recommend for networking in the indie games community (or gaming in general)?

    In the meantime I’ll edit the page so that there is location info, since there isn’t any right now. My ultimate goal is twofold: get people interested in games that aren’t D&D, and get together a group to play games that are not D&D so I don’t have to be the only one running them.

  4. Man, that story games label. It’s really kind of meaningless, like “trad:” it’s basically “you know it when you see it.”

    Sounds like you’ve got an awesome series going!

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