Episode 125: Co-operative Boardgames

Hosts: Todd, Timo, Scott

Important Links:
Chicago Game Day
Walking Eye Con

What did we play
Defenders of the Realm
Apocalypse World
In a Wicked Age…

Main topic: Cooperative Board Games (21:42)
We talk about our favourite cooperative board games, and some of the design and play characteristics of these games. We discuss Defenders of the Realm, Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, Star Trek: Expeditions, Yggdrasil, Battlestar Galactica, Forbidden Island, Pandemic, Mansions of Madness, Descent, House on Haunted Hill, and more.

Rants (1:00:20)
Timo: Storm of Souls is too complex by itself.
Scott: My people don’t know fireworks.
Todd: Hooray for apps!

Other Links
Car Wars
Ta-te Wu: Sunrise Tornado

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3 thoughts on “Episode 125: Co-operative Boardgames

  1. So it sounds like GM Appreciation Day is kind of like Valentine’s Day. Singling out only one day to express your squishy lovey feelings is kind of jank, but there are folks out there that need to remember to do that from time to time. I’m a lady that kind of hates V-Day, but I super enjoy getting flowers on it anyway. I think GM Day is kind of like that.

    Also, my favorite flowers are tulips.

    Just saying.

  2. That makes sense, but my problem with it is the same problem I have with Valentine’s Day, then, which is that it imposes a “this is what it’s supposed to be like” on your experiences. I LIKE Valentine’s Day (I like the idea of a day set aside to make sure you and your partner have fun, or whatever) but I’ve very rarely been in a relationship where I felt like the way to express that was through flowers and hearts and chocolate and teddy bears. It imposes a top-down sort of “here is what people in love do for each other” kind of thing as opposed to saying “so you’re in love. What does honoring that mean to you?” I actually think GM’s day is a totally cool idea, in a lot of ways, and I could see how it could be really relevant to some people, but since the first I heard about it was “this is when we honor the GM for their hard work in putting dungeons together and stuff like that,” it felt like I didn’t really count in that because that’s not how I GM, nor is that the kind of gaming I do. For the kind of gaming I do, something more like “honor your fellow players” day would make more sense and make me feel less like the way I game was being marginalized or seen as “not GMing” or something.

  3. I get that. I have a feeling there are more folks like me out there who are incredibly thankful that they don’t have to run a game, but just get to play it. I know I think that every time I sit down to play D&D – there’s so much stuff that the GM has to keep track of to make sure the game is running smoothly and succesfully. You could not pay me enough to take the helm of a 4E game. Even with the indie games we play, my brain isn’t designed to see the big picture and maintain that for the group. It’s not that I can’t do it, but god knows, I prefer not to do it. So I’m down with recognizing that being a GM is a more work intensive thing to do and also a thing I really prefer not to do. For that, I say thanks.

    On F-List Internet Radio Host Appreciation Day, I am totally okay with being lavished with gifts and praise, even though being a F-List radio host is something I do anyway.

    I’m not kidding about liking tulips, people.

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