Bonus AP: Final Apocalypse World Session

Players: Joe, Megan, Timo, Todd

Our final session with the

crew of the Leviathan. Thanks for listening.

We begin

with a review of previous sessions.
The AP starts around 21:30.
We conclude with a deconstruction of the campaign.
That starts around 3:17:40.

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7 thoughts on “Bonus AP: Final Apocalypse World Session

  1. Just finished listening to your AW campaign – loved it! Your APs had some of the best character development I’ve ever heard in an AP podcast. You guys tipped me over the edge and convinced me to buy Apocalypse World. Just out of curiousity, what was the music you had playing in the background during your sessions? Thanks for letting me listen in!

    *scampers off to read Apocalypse World and listen to more Jank Cast episodes*

  2. Thanks Chris! Todd will have to let you know about the music, that was definitely his doing. WE had a lot of fun with that game, and it’s great to hear that others enjoyed listening in.

  3. The music was a combination of:

    Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
    Zoe Keating
    Adam Hurst
    The “Book of Eli” Soundtrack
    A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    and Vieo Abiungo

  4. Now I’m waiting for the 10-20 years time skip. Guys, continue doing AP of AW. At firts, I really disliked the way you were playing. I found the recording confusing (probably because the first sessions weren’t recorded) and I really thought your pacing and usage of the moves and narration of AW wasn’t very sharp. By the 4th session, my thoughts have changed and the ending was marvellous. I really pictured, although, that Rose would break completely and go on a killing spree with her knife. But the retiring was very, very suprising.

    Please, continue doing APs of AW. It doesnt need to be the vanilla. The hacks Monsterhearts and Conan are very interesting too. I think it’s a very interesting rpg and there are so few APs of it. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


    Victor Gaigaia

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  6. Recently I decided to try listening to some APs and stumbled upon yours via some random searches on Google. I truly enjoyed the camaraderie of the group, entertaining RP and unexpected character development throughout the story. I was very sad to see the campaign was ending and then very pleased to see you have a second run of AW for me to listen to. Yay!

    You’ve gotten this penny-pincher to shell out money on Apocalypse World in hopes of capturing a little of the magic your group experienced.

    Thank you for many fun hours of listening,

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