Episode Nineteen

Episode Nineteen: GenCon MFers!
Hosts: Lexx, JOHNKELLY, Scott, Dylan

This is our most professional episode yet. Hells to the yeah.
What do you want to do at GenCon?
Scott –  Battle Tech, Legend of the 5 Rings RPG, Dominion Intrigue, Battlestar Galatica Pegasus, DAWG! and Hack Master, and mad roll some dice
JOHNKELLY – Black Cadillics, Dresden RPG, Luke Myers from the Podge Cast’s RPG, Seeing D-9 Thursday @ Midnight
Dylan – Model U.N., Dealer’s Gall, Hentai Dubbing, Historical Miniatures
Lexx – Star Wars Minis, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Dub Hentai with Dylan and John, Little Fears, Call of Cthulhu

Main Topic: GenCon

2 Guest Calls from the Pro-Champion

Scott: Gamer Prep.
Lexx: The Other 361 best days in gaming
Dylan: Indianapolis

Cities we’ve said “fuck you” to: Cleveland, St. Louis, Indianapolis, D.C., New York, Memphis, Boston, L.A., Houston, Dallas, Miami, Gary.
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