Episode 123: What game for this context?

Hosts: Megan, Todd, Timo, Kevin, Allegra

What did we play (3:30)
Jank on Demand: Murderland, Dungeon World, Psi*run, Resistance
A whole bunch of Apocalypse world!

Main topic: What game for this context? (36:15)
There’s a mantra that Ron Edwards espouses as being key to playing a successful game: “I want to play this game with these people at this time.” viagra for sale Another way that could be phrased is “What game do I want to play with these people at this time?” When you know you’re going to be playing with certain people, we discuss how you choose which game to play?

Rants (1:20:00)
Kevin: Recruit non gamers, it’s better than dealing with old players
Timo: I want a more generally appealing twosie game
Todd: There is always a reason to be jerks.
Megan: Timo has stolen my old cat Fatboy.
Kevin (part deux!): Role playing games can be a fantastic early date.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 123: What game for this context?

  1. in my gaming circles we have a saying: “The rules may change, but the game stays the same”. When you play enough games, you recognize that it’s more about the players than the game.

  2. HI Critical Geek,

    Thanks for responding! The players are definitely important, but I definitely disagree about “The game stays the same.” Different games cater to different experiences, especially now that we’re seeing games that involve thoughtful design. As such, choosing the right game can make a huge difference. And especially when you’re talking about landmark experiences, either first game ever or first game with this group of players, choosing the right game can be a very important decision.

  3. To me, it depends on what you mean by “it’s more about the players than the game.” I tend to agree that if you have a group of players you click with, this is true the majority of the time. I also think, though, that part of why people click is because they’re playing the right games for the right people (does that distinction make sense?). In other words, it’s a sort of chicken and egg thing: we don’t know how much playing the “right” game with a particular group matters because we haven’t found the “wrong” game yet, that would make everyone stop and go “huh?”

    Kevin made a good point, I thought, when he said that a lot of gaming groups that worked for years are suddenly thrown into flux when someone discovers the new game that does what they want but not what someone else in the group wants.

    The group I play with clicks very well, but we have had games which have thrown us off our rhythm, or thrown one or two of us off our rhythm.

  4. Cooperative games emphasize participation, challenge and fun rather than defeating someone. Focus on fun and interaction rather than competition and alienation. Cooperative games are not new. Some of the classic we participated in as children are classic because of the play emphasis.

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