This Week's Episode: TURDUCKEN!

So remember how in the AP I said that we’d have a new cast this week? The Turducken monster got in the way. Oops. We will, however, have some AW AP this week and definitely get you a new episode next week.

So in lieu of an episdoe, I give you THIS!

That’s kind of like an episode. Right?

2 thoughts on “This Week's Episode: TURDUCKEN!

  1. FYI – just caught the results of the great RPG Podcast Survey of 2011 (took ’em long enough to release it!) and it looks like you guys are slipping in the rankings.

    Jank is probably the best RPG podcast right now – as informative as the BGs plus a regular release schedule and awesome APs.

    What I’m getting at is this: More people should be listening to the Jank Cast. Is there anything I can do to help evangelize? We gotta get the word out!

  2. Just saw this. Actually we are NOT slipping. We are up 7 spots (we made the third biggest jump!) and our listeners listen to more podcasts than any other cast by a fair margin (which I thought was an interesting little factoid). It LOOKS like we’re slipping because we’re 20th out of 20, but that’s just because previously we hadn’t even ranked on that (at least according to the data I have here).

    We are also the 8th most listened to podcast by women. I attribute that mostly to me and my beautiful man-voice.

    Having said that, I think we’re all just pretty psyched that we made that top 20 list at all, even at the very bottom. We tend to think of ourselves as fairly niche (how about “boutique?” Is there such a thing as a boutique podcast?) so to actually have ANYONE care about what we do is very cool and humbling to us.

    I would also add that one thing the survey found is that podcasters have a large influence on what games people play and buy. As we say in our (new and shiny!) intro, we play a lot of games and we want other people to play them too. I really think of us as a delivery mechanism for getting games, including some under the radar games that deserve people’s attention, to people. If we help with that, I’m happy.

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