Episode Eighteen: Hi, My Name is…

The Jank Cast Episode Eighteen: Hi, My Name is…
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Kevin, Lexx, Scott
Yay Scott is back from China!
Jank Cast Contest #1: Make a
Jank Cast Contest #2:
Come see D-9 at GenCon with us! For more info e-mail me at johnkelly@jankcast.com
What games have we played this week: Star Wars Saga Edition, Evony, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Call of Cthulhu, DAWG! the RPG, Dread
The world’s first audio thumb war.

Shout out to Autumn, we will miss you.

Main Topic: Gamer Communities
JOHNKELLY fucks up again.
White Wolf

Kevin: Gamer Cooperation
Lexx: Clean your shit
Scott: Darth Wannabe

Downunder Gamers: Killing your own Lex, well played sirs, well played.

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