Female Fronted, Nerd-Oriented, Power Metal! Strap In.

So now for something completely different, I’m doing yet another round-up of nerdy metal. This time it’s nerdy power metal bands with ladies rocking the vox. Places that aren’t American are producing amazing bands like this in droves, all of a sudden, and I wanted to direct the attention of folks who might be interested in

that direction.

Don’t ask me why none of these bands are American. Women seem to be way more likely to be in metal bands in places that aren’t America. We’re jerks, I guess.

So here we go:

1) Unleash the Archers, “Dawn of Ages”

These guys and gal are Canadian, which explains a lot about this video. This was seriously my favorite album to come out last year. It’s so mindblowing that my mind was blown. Tons of fun, and this video rules. If you only check out one of these band’s albums, it’s this one. This is also that last time on this list that self-aware irony will make an appearance, so enjoy it while it lasts.

2) Battle Beast,”Enter the Metal World”

See what I mean about irony? Irony in metal is all over North America, but its penetration into South America, Europe, and Asia has been much slower. Japanese metal is so unironic that they actually make up for some of American metal’s over-irony. But I digress. This girl’s voice is so tough I think she could actually mow your lawn with her mind. If her voice were a game mechanic it would be a critical hit. The band is pretty cheesy in that wonderful Euro-metal way, but if you’re into that or can get beyond it, the album is pretty fun. I’d also like to point out that this band makes me feel SUPER old. They all look like they’re about 15. Likewise, I have no basis for comparison, here, because I’ve never seen them standing next to anyone but each other, but when I watch this video I feel like they’re all about 5’2, like it’s a band of lovable hobbits. Am I crazy? Is that weird? This video also has a crazy budget, so here’s to hoping they keep pumping out sweet sci-fi videos like this.

3) Ancient Bards, “The Birth of Evil”

EHHHHH! Power metal from Italy! Molto bene! This album is really good, and they have a new album that’s really good too. This video totally feels like someone’s class project, though. In fact, I hope it was someone’s class project. I would have given them an A for awesome. Also- I give a 100% chance that Ancient Bards totally rock those outfits at the Ren Faire every year. Also- these folks definitely win the virtuosity award here. Check out the bass solo at 2:30 or so. Holy crap.

Edit: Here’s something off their new record that actually has a budget.

4) ElvenStorm, “Witchhammer”

And now, France. I haven’t given this album as full of a listen yet as the other ones, but I like what I hear. They also mean some totally non-ironic business. Since you can’t see them, I’ll link to their Metal Encyclopedia page. Sleeveless jean jacket + hightops = THE REAL DEAL! Additionally, that is the exact girl that I would have fallen instantly in love with when I was 17 but never actually worked up the courage to talk to because she’s so scary and metal looking.

So there you have it. Hopefully you found something to enjoy here. If not, we’ll be back with normal content that isn’t this sort of thing soon enough.

7 thoughts on “Female Fronted, Nerd-Oriented, Power Metal! Strap In.

  1. Damn Todd, I really like Unleash the Archers. I picked up the album that has the song you shared. I have to say I’m really impressed with what I have heard so far. And she has a serious set of pipes on her.

  2. Yeah, they’re really great. Their first album is okay, but they really knocked it out of the park with the second one.

  3. Could you link some of the Japanese metal you listen to? I’m big fan of Galneryus but I don’t know what else is out there.

  4. No prob, Phil. Here’s a list of a bunch of bands I’ve enjoyed from Japan of all different genres of metal. Some of these bands I absolutely love, some I gave one or two listens to and then moved on cause they didn’t grab me too much. Hopefully you’ll like at least a few of them:



    Blood Stain Child


    Dragon Guardian

    Gaia Prelude


    Knights of Round

    Hizaki Grace Project

    Iron Attack!

    Sword of Justice

    X Japan




    Church of Misery

  5. Hah! X Japan. I heard about them and some of the Chinese metal I’ve listened to from “Global Metal” which was down by Sam Dunn.

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