Episode 120: The 3 act structure (Narrative Techniques)

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Scott, Timo

What did we play (06:50)
Jank on demand: Misspent Youth, Apocalypse World, Kagematsu, Murderous Ghosts
Apocalypse World: Timo, Megan, Todd
Ninjato: Megan, Scott
Red Dragon Inn, Legend of Drizz’t: Todd
Magic the Gathering: Megan
Gnomes of Zavandor: Scott

Main topic: The 3 Act Structure (Narrative Techniques) (37:00)
The 3 act structure is a commonly used format for organizing a work of fiction. We talk over how it applies to playing and running gaming sessions.

Rants (01:15:08)
Timo: I have a ridiculous new toy. Also, what’s your evil computer of choice: GLaDOS or Hal?
Todd: Keep your bullshit out of my brainstream.
Scott: Well Done, Evil hat and Fred Hicks!
Megan: My ex is a douchebag.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 120: The 3 act structure (Narrative Techniques)

  1. From the online Oxford Dictionary:

    Pronunciation: /ˈkiːnəʊə, kwɪˈnəʊə/

    Maybe check a dictionary for alternate pronunciations before condemning people based on how they say certain words…

  2. I did. It said the pronunciations were “keen-wah” and “kee-noa.” It seems there’s no consensus on how to pronounce the word.

    Either way, as I said, her pronunciation was the least of her problems.

    But fine. If it means that much to you, I retract my condemnation of her alternate pronunciation. You have bested me, valiant defender. I yield.

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