Episode Seventeen: The Villian Cast

Episode Seventeen: The Villian Cast
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Tom, Dylan, Lexx, Reek, Autumn

A bit about Tom
A bit about Timo
Games we played this week: Serenity, Call of Cthulhu, Spirit of the Century, Dugeons and Dragons, and modeling.
1d20: JOHNKELLY (12), Tom (2), Lexx(7), Reek(6), Autumn (13), Dylan (3)
Main Topic: Villians
Lexx insults Christianity and all Christians
Our Favorite Villians
Dylan: Vacinni from the Princess Bride
Tom: Grand Moff Tarkin & The General from Pan’s Labrinth
JOHNKELLY: Nicodemus
Autumn: Darth Vader & The Goblin King
Reek: Darkside and Death Star
Lexx: Zod!

On another note: Bowie in Space

Dylan: Twilight
Autumn: Respect for all authors who are published
Lexx: meh
Reek: Villian PCs
Tom: The great overlord of Chicago

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