Episode 119: Perspective (Narrative Techniques)

Hosts: Todd, Scott, Megan, Fuzzy

Jank on Demand: January 21st, around 2-8pm.
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What did we play (14:22)
Apocalypse World: Megan and Todd
Lady Blackbird: Todd
London, Ninjato: Scott
Cards against humanity: Fuzzy, Megan
Flower: Fuzzy

Main topic: Perspective (Narrative Techniques) (25:10)
Perspective is an interesting thing that affects how we view situations and scenarios. By playing with how things are described or revealed it’s possible to highlight different aspects of the game in some pretty fascinating ways.

Rants (01:27:15)
Megan: I demand a cease-fire of sexy.
Scott: Cook County done well this snow time
Todd: I may not be speaking correctly for Timo and Rob.
Fuzzy: Santa Monica Blvd.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 119: Perspective (Narrative Techniques)

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  2. I’ve also read Grunts and it is kind of an interesting experiment with the whole fantasy genre. The idea that Orcs are generally just kicked around by both Good and Evil and what that’s like from their perspective and what would happen if they end up having access to the resources/philosophy to hold their own. Granted, the writing isn’t the greatest and there’s a lot of indiscriminate boning going on, but the concept was pretty solid at least.

    The game that Fuzzy was talking about that you don’t interact with and stats go up is called Progress Quest and I used to be obsessed with it just because of how dumb/brilliant it was. I actually ran a guild in it for a while for some forgotten, but probably sad reason. Stats!

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