Episode 116: Year in review

Hosts: Megan, Scott, Todd, Timo

What we played (12:25)
Megan, Todd, Timo: Apocalypse World
Todd: Elder Sign
Megan: D&D Encounters: The Crystal Caves
Scott: Battletech

Main topic: Year in Review (15:55)
Less serious topic: We just talk a little about the things that happened in gaming and with games this year including Kickstarter, the rise of our gaming advocacy (Including Jank on Demand), Google+, and the way convention games and gaming is changing.

Rants (01:01:00)
Timo: Why does only Lincoln get to be a steampunk president?
Megan: My buildings security is not secure. At all.
Scott:Twilight. Just… yeah. In response: Up
Todd: Old dudes, cover your junk please.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 116: Year in review

  1. Oh, man, people are discussing Google+ as a failed project? That’s amazing to me. For my whole circle of friends (geeks all, mind you–of comics and gaming varieties) took to it with a passion. It immediately all but killed Twitter for us, and now we have some kind of hangout going on every night.

    Circles, as Todd pointed out, really make it a better place to talk about specific (and quasi-private) subjects than similar venues. I’ve got my Gamers circle, of course. And circles for all the various RPGs I’m involved in, too. I’ve got a circle for the people who tend to come to our nightly hangouts, and one for Chicago people, and one for all the people I play Team Fortress 2 and other Steam games with. I’ve got and Atrocity Tourists circle for when I want to share horrible Internet treasures with the kind of people who appreciate such things. I’ve got a circle for folks who enjoy bad movies. Inevitably, there’s a huge amount of overlap in these groups (Oh, man, wouldn’t it be rad if G+ could generate a Venn diagram of your circles?), but the distinctions are extremely useful.

    But, yeah, almost my whole range of friends is extremely Internet, so it’s a perfect fit for me.

  2. Man, that is just weird. I guess that’s the experience of people who tried it out without their whole set of friends coming with them. Of whose friends drifted back to Facebook or wherever.

  3. Don’t feel bad about not understanding Google+, Megan — I can’t figure it out either. And Facebook is terrible and everybody knows it now. Just terrible. So these people who think that Google+ has failed… I will bet cashmoney that they all own iPhones and iPads and MacBooks.

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