Episode 111: Gaming as Social Commentary

Hosts: Todd, Megan, Timo

Main topic: Gaming as Social Commentary
As part of playing an RPG strong themes of social commentary can come out: Discussions on Race, gender, social mores and conventions, all can become strong elements of a game. But how do you build towards such a thing, and what are the dangers of doing so? We talk about the role that Social commentary takes in gaming.

Important link: On Mighty Thews, which Megan and Todd heap praise upon.

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Now go out and roll some dice!

3 thoughts on “Episode 111: Gaming as Social Commentary

  1. 1) Great episode.
    2) Sorry Megan, I thought you were a dude the first time a listened to a ‘cast. Now, a few episodes in, you don’t sound like a dude at all.
    3) I love Devil’s Rejects and Starship Troopers, both good genre films with deeper messages below the obvious. I understand how some people can’t watch Rejects, though.
    4) I ran a Celtic themed D&D game heavily influenced by the Slaine comics, and without really intending some themes slipped in. The PCs were from the Tribes of the Earth Goddess, so naturally that leads to some pro-matriarchy and pro-environment stuff, but it wasn’t themes I had really intended to explore. It was interesting.

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

    And a Celtic themed D&D game influenced by Slaine sounds totally awesome.

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