Episode 110: Gaming as Socialising

Hosts: Timo, Tom, Megan, Todd, Reek

What did we play:
Dogs in the Vineyard: Timo, Todd, Megan
Shapocalypse World: Shadowrun ApoWo hack: Todd, Tom
Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space: Todd, Timo
Mouseguard: Todd, Tom
Fiasco, Zombie Cinema: Megan
Ravenloft: Reek

Main topic: Gaming as Socialising (23:14)
Part of the fun of gaming is not actually the game itself, but the hanging out with friends that it causes. Whether you are friends outside of the game, or get together just to do this

particular thing, or barely know each other, there is a whole realm of interactions that the game is part of, but is not necessarily all about the game. As part of our “Why we game” series we talk about the socializing that goes on around and about the game.

Rants (01:09:00)
Todd: Plugging Hammers of Misfortune (The Grain)
Reek: To the beat up guy on the red line: You didn’t get anything in, just go home.
Timo: I am a hideous leper.
Tom: Stark Trek is way too fucking blase about revolutionary technology.
Megan: When I watch bad reality TV, I’ll do the exact opposite.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 110: Gaming as Socialising

  1. http://www.jankcast.com/wp-content/uploads/funchart.jpg

    The chart of fun!

    Let’s look at the quadrants, shall we?

    Unstrcutred/unproductive = Just hanging out with your friends.
    Structured/unproductive = Playing a sport, for example.
    Structured/Productive = Playing in a band, playing an RPG, perhaps.
    Unstructured/productive = This one is hard. I would say something like brainstorming goes here.

    Ta-da! I’m a dork.

  2. Ok, need to regulate a bit here:

    1) Disney is evil, clearly. I don’t know why you folks can’t see that. They’re gobbling up every good kids’ entertainment in sight; Pixar, the Muppets, Marvel, where will it end? The princesses are a clue as to how the new ‘royalty’ will rule over us after their fiendish plot to take over the world is hatched: from behind cute, smiling faces with perfect politeness.

    2) A labor dispute in Shadowrun? No, you see, in the future of Shadowrun, the corporations have won and the unions have lost, period. That’s why the term “MegaCorp” and “Wage Slave” are common in the setting. Any problem that the MegaCorps can’t squash legally, they hire someone (often called “shadowrunners”) to squash illegally. In fact, one of the main draws of becoming a runner is that you get to live outside the system that the megacorporations control. I guess I have to give the GM credit though, for bravery in getting presented an idea that goes against the grain of the setting and running with it.

    3) You left out an example of productive fun that I think applies to both the listener and recorder side: The Jank Cast.

  3. Hey guys! I just listened to the cast. It was awesome! It’s my second night in Germany, and I listened to the cast while out shopping for groceries and German beer. I was very happy and a bit stunned by how much I was used as an example. Timo said it best: I like to explore that border on the edge of trust in game. I think I do so partly because I feel like, in life, I make too much of an effort to stay within that boundary of trust, making sure it’s solid. In game, I tend to want to strip it down, whether that’s between characters or within my own character, as if he doesn’t trust himself. But I also want to emphasize how this explanation is only “partly” right, because I am often not even aware of how I am breaking down that boundary in game. It’s like the way I started stripping at my own reception (a phrase I bet is rarely used by most): I look back now and can’t believe I did what I did, but there was something inspirational and almost unavoidable about it at the time for me, so I just went with it. I think those are the moments in game I seek: unexpected inspirational moments that need to be played out, especially if it hits buttons. Correction: I don’t seek them, they seek me.
    I miss you guys, and am looking forward to the DitV AP!
    Viele Grüße aus Giessen, Rob

  4. 1) The drink that I brought back was huangjiu (yellow wine). It’s made from rice, and has an aftertaste like burned rice. Todd and Reek are correct: it’s not good.

    2) Humans in the Star Trek universe are Luddites for anything over the accepted technological level. (Nerd alert) When they developed metaphasic sheilds, the technology was shelved. Later, when fleeing the borg, Dr. Crusher had two no-name engineers apply the technology to the Enterprise to hide inside a star. They had complete immunity to all know weapons, but didn’t do anything with it.

  5. Timo: Man, what the fuck. That restaurant snub was un-fucking-warranted. At Jank on Demand, I just assumed you were sunburned. No worries, man; you do not look diseased.

  6. You told us about how the person handing the food to you at the restaurant set it on the counter as to avoid touching your leprosy.

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