Episode 109: Playing for Exploration

Hosts: Todd, Timo, Rob, Megan

What did we play: (10:14)
Dogs in the Vineyard: Todd, Rob, Megan, Timo
Megan: D&D Encounters, 1st ed
Todd: Apocalypse World Shadowrun hack, Elder Sign

Jank on Demand:
We play a lot of random games, and we’d like to encourage you guys to do the same. As part of that we are going to start hosting a monthly meetup to play independent and small-print RPG’s modeled after Games on Demand called Jank on Demand. The first of these will be October 22nd, from 2 o’clock onwards. Click HERE for more details.

Main topic: Playing for Exploration (35:05)
One of the reasons that gaming is so fun is that it allows us to ask “what if” questions, and to see what they lead to. In this second episode in the “Why we game” series we’re doing, we talk about what we like to do in terms of exploration, what we look for, what it gives us and things we do that help or hinder our ability to really live out those thoughts.

Rants (1:11:20)
Timo: A prolonged squee of joy
Rob: Why does my professional life and my personal life always conflict?
Megan: I hate fake blood
Todd: I am mad at time

Other Links:
Arkham Horror
Dresden Files RPG
Don’t Rest Your Head
Shock: Social Science Fiction
Serenity RPG
Star Frontiers

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2 thoughts on “Episode 109: Playing for Exploration

  1. Hey Todd, is that a book you are writing? Or is it an article that will be appearing in an academic journal?

  2. I loooooove Dungeon World. Megan, if you want to give it a test run as a player, let me know.

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