Episode Sixteen: The Felony Cast

Episode Sixteen: The Felony Cast
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Lexx, J.P., Woody
Jank Cast Contest #1: Send lyrics for a Jank Cast theme to contests@jankcast.com to win a $25 gift certificate and the chance to punch JOHNKELLY
Jank Cast Contest #2: Send a set of Arkham Horror characters to contests@jankcast.com to win a $25 gift certificate, an episode talking about them, and a copy of your characters. Here is a program for you to use!
Can’t Stop the Serenity: August 28th in Chicago
What we played this week: Conan, Star Wars Saga Edition, Warhammer 40k
Rock Paper Sizors Round 1: Johnkelly (Rock), Lexx (Cthulhu), J.P. (Explosion), Woody (rock)
Round 2: JOHNKELLY (Paper), Woody (Rock)
Wookie Noises
Our Mission Statement
Main Topic: Gamer Traditions & Supersitions
Pirates are gamers
We talk a lot about dice
Don’t blow yourself up with fireworks
JOHNKELLY’s Mom calls
Timo doesn’t pick up
We talk even more about dice
Mandatory GenCon Songs:
Total Recall’in
Mortal Combat Techno Remix
It’s D&D
Fett’s Vett
Star Wars Gangster Rap
Flash Gordon Theme
The Milky Way Buy their chicken!
Happy Birthday JOHNKELLY! (The most disturbing moment even by J.P.)

J.P.: Doors
Lexx: GOWK
Woody: Hate
JOHNKELLY: Andrew Lloyd Webber

2 thoughts on “Episode Sixteen: The Felony Cast

  1. Short Ep, only 16 min long. Dont know if you care, dont blame you if you dont. Just thought you should know.

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